My boat

Rune and Ruth Søvik: Our old Oselvar is on the sea in Lysefjorden, Os. It was restored last year. It’s around 90 years old. It was made of tables that were not of the finest. It’s not as wide as usual. Intermediate of regular and kapproings boat.

Hilde Terese Haakonsen: Our oselvar is from 1958. It is in the archipelago outside Lillesand in the southern part of Norway, and is highly loved.









Unfortunately, I do not have any Oselvar now, but I would like to send a few pictures and a few words about how much the Oselvar has meant to me. In that I learned to be safe on the sea, with my father, rowing on Fanafjorden. We 

picked up bags of sponges for the pigs we had, fully loaded boat. It was shipping logs. And of course all the fishing trips. When father had a day off, he departed in the oselvar, rowing to the Marsteinen until late evening. I learned to 


row and carrying bathers over to Fanaholmen and retrieved them at the agreed time, when I was 9-10 years old. We had sail to the boat and my brother taught me how to sail  (I was not very good). When I got a little bigger, friends 

were on nice rowing trips and many learned to row in that oselvar. So I have very many good memories related to the oselvar.

The oldest picture I send is from 1924. The picture is taken at 

Fanahammeren, my mother Gerd Marie Solheim is 12 years old, and her mother Anna Walle is in the boat. Ragnhild Walle is on land. The second picture is from 1968 and the same space. That’s what I’m coming back after a sailing trip and a hike in Fanafjorden.

With best regards Gunn Solheim