Approval as a training establishment for apprentices

The Oselvar workshop is an approved training establishment for apprentices in the wooden boat building trade.

In autumn 2023, there were two apprentices at the workshop.

About every second year, we advertise vacancies for apprenticeships.

Here is a small extract from the training plan:

The wooden boat builder produces, repairs, maintains and restores hulls, superstructures, rigging, furnishings and installations. Central work tasks include

  • use of the different materials utilised in traditional boat building
  • drying processes and processing
  • mechanical joining methods, gluing and surface treatment
  • aesthetics, design and construction with drawing and visualisation
  • quality assurance and HSE

The skilled worker must, in collaboration with others and independently, be able to plan, carry out, document and assess their work in such a way that it can also lead to innovation and product development.