Statutes for Stiftinga Oselvarverkstaden

§ 1 Name and business address

Stiftinga Oselvarverkstaden is the ship of Os municipality and Os Båtbyggjarlag, in collaboration with Hordaland county municipality. The name is Stiftinga Oselvarverkstaden. For everything that is not regulated by these articles of association, the legislation on foundations applies.

Business address is Stiftinga Oselvarverkstaden, 5200 Os.

§ 2 Purpose

The aim is to take care of the boat building craft that applies to the oselvaren, in keeping with traditions and strict requirements for quality. This must be achieved by

A The oselvarverkstaden shall be a training center where the craft of oselvar construction is taken care of and developed.

B Oselvarverkstaden must be a place where you take care of and develop the cutting-edge expertise in building small wooden boats.

C The Oselvar workshop shall be a training center for the county municipal apprentices.

D Oselvarverkstaden must be a place where the craft can be continued as a viable industry.

E Oselvarverkstaden must be a place where knowledge about the craft and the use of the boat will be imparted.

§ 3 Share capital

The share capital is NOK 50,000.

§ 4 The board

The board of Stiftinga Oselvarverkstaden has five members with personal deputy members who are appointed as follows:

  • Os municipality a member
  • Hordaland county municipality one member
  • The permanent employees at Oselvarverkstaden one member
  • In addition, the foundation’s board nominates two board members. At least one of them must be from the Norwegian museum environment or antiquarian environment, and have relevant expertise in traditional Norwegian small boat culture

The term of office of the board members follows the municipal board period. The board itself has a leader and deputy leader. The board members can be re-elected without time limit. The board is adopted when at least 3 members are present. If the votes are the same

casts the vote for the leader. The daily manager is secretary to the board and regularly attends board meetings. In individual cases, the board can also grant others the right to attend and speak.

The board oversees and can dismiss managers and boat builders on a daily basis, and determined who will have the professional responsibility. The board approves the annual report and annual accounts that the daily manager presents, and adopts the budget. The board can also adopt strategic plans for operations at the workshop. The board is the auditor for the foundation.

§ 5 Strategy selection

Oselvarverkstaden has a strategy committee of at least five people, all appointed by the board. The strategy committee works according to a mandate given by the board of the workshop.”

§ 6 Daily rental

The board appoints a daily manager, who will be secretary to the board and be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Oselvar workshop. It also applies to production planning and organization of work in the workshop.

§ 7 Relationship to Os municipality

A separate agreement must be drawn up with Os municipality regarding the services the municipality provides the workshop. This applies to the rent of the workshop premises, daily rent and other things to do with the administration of the workshop, and it applies to annual subsidies for the operation.

The board at Oselvarverkstaden 2020 – 2023:
Chairman: Henrik J Askvik
Deputy owner: Stig Morten Frøiland
Board member: Terje Planke, Helge Steinum, Stig Salbu Henneman
Deputy member:
Kristian Bruarøy , Bjørg T. Christophersen , Berit Osmundsen , Heine Fyllingsnes, Siren Tømmerbakke