Support the Oselvar workshop

The Oselvar workshop currently receives financial support from Vestland county council and Bjørnafjorden municipality, but is also seeking support from businesses and enterprises.

The Oselvar boat has enjoyed a unique position in its local municipality. The Oselvar boat and Oselvar workshop will also play an important role in putting Bjørnafjorden municipality on the map. The Oselvar workshop is seeking local businesses and enterprises who are interested in joining our team of supporters.

We know that both businesses and private individuals in Bjørnafjorden are proud of the Oselvar boat, and are hopefully interested in forming links between their businesses, or privately, with the historical cultural treasure that is the Oselvar boat and the associated handicrafts.

In 2018, Askeladden Boats and Irisgården AS signed a three-year agreement for support and cooperation with the Oselvar workshop. In 2020,  Alutec AS joined the team. Funding from these businesses is to be spent on dissemination. Get in touch if you want to help support our work, we are always open to new partners.


Askeladden’s DNA is based on a thousand years of boat building tradition. Henrik J. Askvik founded the Askeladden adventure in 1911 in the same place where the third generation of Askvik today has its daily work and headquarters. Henrik J. Askvik started by building what is now Norway’s national boat, the Oselvar, which has traditions going back over a thousand years. Henrik J. Askvik’s sons were later among the very first in Norway to use the glass fiber reinforced polyester as a new building material for the production of boats in 1957.


The Iris factory was completed in 1953 and the name is actually a bit misleading. It was Rundveveriet that built and ran operations in the factory building. Iris was the trademark of Rundveveriet. Today, the building (a proud example of functionalist architecture) on the banks of the Oselvo river, is a landmark that contains everything from the local police station to the Vinmonopol. Irisgården is our closest neighbor and we are particularly pleased that the current owners are willing to support the Oselvar workshop.

Here’s how you can help support us:

  • The main sponsor will have their logo with the subtitle “Main sponsor” on the opening page of our website,
  • Have your own logo on your own sponsor page under
  • The sponsor gets a free tour of the workshop for customers and own employees
  • The main sponsor gets the opportunity to create their own sponsor logo and link on their own home page
  • The main sponsor receives a small-scale model of the Oselvar boat to display in their own offices
  • A framed main sponsor certificate to display in their own offices