Close to the sources – a seminar on the interpretation of Viking boats from the 8th century:

Råsegl seminar (square rig seminar) 2022

Bygdøy 22 – 25 September: HULL and RIG from the 8th century

Last weekend, a small group from the Oselvar workshop visited the Maritime Museum in Oslo. The seminar, which was organised in collaboration between the Viken Coastal Association and Forbundet Kysten, took as its starting point the BåtLab (boat builders at the museum) project to reconstruct the large Gokstad boat (five-room boat) which is on display at the museum. The aim with the BåtLab is to make a new model and a new full-scale reconstruction. There is a reasonably large scope for different interpretations, from the narrow and round, to a hull with more width and tension.

The participants had free access to the newly opened boat hall. On the fjord outside the museum were some smaller traditional boats and reconstructions that we could rig in different ways. In addition, we received a number of interesting lectures and seminar presentations from various parties; boat builders, riggers, archaeologists, historians, ethnologists, etc.